“A wise man travels to discover himself.” ― James Russell Lowell


A Passage to India!
I have always loved to travel, and I have visited over ten countries in almost as many years. Apart from the States on two occasions in recent times, these countries have been in Europe close to home. I have yearned to travel further afield. Earlier this year I visited a Psychic, and was delighted when she told me I would travel to India! I was even more delighted, when the very next day, the opportunity presented itself via a friend I had done my yoga teacher training with!

So here I am in the mid years of my life ready for adventure.

I leave Ireland for 6 weeks on Sunday to travel to India. Starting with 10 days volunteering with The Hope Foundation in Calcutta, then a week or so of Yoga in Goa, then on to Kerala… and then who knows? a couple of weeks in an Ashram and a visit to an Ayurvedic centre perhaps? The true traveller does not plan too much, for then he becomes a tourist!

I would love to have you on the journey with me. Enter you email below to join me!henna hands


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