More Smiles and Saris


“A smile is in the same language”
We did done so much in our 9 days in Kolkata. Visiting the Hope childrens’ homes, hospital and lifeskills centre, where there is a wonderful shop and cafe, teaching craft, clothes making and restaurant skills.
We are also lucky to be here for Diwali, the festival of lights, which is akin to our Christmas in importance.We celebrated this in the home of our pranic healing teachers and their family.. such a privilege.. beautiful food ‘ fireworks and company!
Kali puja’ was happening too..worship to a blue goddess with 4 arms’ who killed her husband’ and went on to do great things..awesome!
A profound experience for me happened when I reluctantly attended mass in. Mother Teresa’s hospice. A place where men and women come for their last days. Those few who were well enough to sit were opposite us in the small chapel area. I caught the pained and sad gaze of one of the men opposite me, I smiled and amazingly he managed to give me a radiant smile back… for a few moments he gave me the deep privilege of feeling completely connected to him. The power of a smile is wonderful indeed.
Ganga 2
Most of the group are with me in Goa now.. It couldn’t be more different here.. Sun Sea and Yoga! Look out for my next post. The group will be leaving next Monday, and I will be contiuing my adventure alone..


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  1. Sounds wonderful Fiona, I hope it is everything you imagined and more glad to hear you got involved with Diwali.
    Look forward to reading your next installment.
    Take Care.

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