Sun and Yoga in Goa.


After 10 days of sun, sea, fun and yoga in Mandrem Beach Goa. I am leaving for Kerala for 10 days at the Sivananda Ashram.
Goa was a welcome break after Kolkata. Just to reassure all those who supported Hope. No funds raised were used for this part of the trip! Yoga classes were kindly given to us by the Himalaya Yoga Valley. I had the wonderful company of the girls for 5 days. Then 5 days alone after they returned to Ireland.

We spent a lot of time at the lovely Beach Street resort and their poolside restaurant The Lazy Dog

Beach Street pool and sea beyond

Beach Street pool and sea beyond

It’s just beautiful to meditate on the beach at sunrise and sunset.. both spectacular sights, and pratice yoga at open beach side shalas. Accomodation is in simple beach hut made from palm leaves..A true tropical paradise!
Everyone is so friendly here I was well taken care of by my new friends.
The beaches here are so beautiful and one of the most beautiful is the well named paradise beach in Maharashtra. Really looking forward to coming back here in a couple of weeks.

PS. Have just arrived in Kerela. Stayed with my friend Lolo last night in Kovalam and had dinner with friends heading to Ashram this afternoon!


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  1. Hello Fiona,
    So lovely for you to be enjoying some sun, away from the dark winter evenings here. I admire you
    travelling on your own and doing good charity work, so much has happened in the Phillopines as well leaving so many without homes or food.
    You will have wonderful experiences in India and love all the colours, my niece sent me photos while she was there and it looks amazing and the design on the buildings too but I know you are interested in the people and their lives and will bring some joy as you travel along.
    You will have to write about the trip when you get back, safe travelling and have a happy time, Mary

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