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Just One Resolution

Just One Resolution

Here is a most inspiring blog post from my beautiful friend Georgina.

Be Bright

I have just one resolution this new year. This is it:

“To love myself unconditionally.”

This covers it all for me. Yes, it is indeed the practice of a life time. In that case, I reckon, if it hasn’t been THE most important conscious priority of my life before now, then NOW is the time to make it Priority Number One!

The more I truly love and respect myself, the more I follow my heart, the more I radiate, the more I let love in, the more I can serve and the more I truly love and respect others from a place of natural ease, grace and compassion.

I love meTo love and respect myself means to accept all that I am, the light AND the shadow. Only by truly owning and loving these in myself will I learn to accept and love them in others.

To love and respect myself requires me to ensure that my thoughts…

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